About Jayne Magdalen Traver

I’ve been a teacher of English for over twenty years, and though I have taught my students how to read literature and how to write literary analysis, argumentative essays, and fictional and nonfictional narratives, attempting to craft my own and seeing it through to completion has been a daunting task for me. I still have much to learn, and I hope you will draw inspiration from my struggles and successes on the written page.  It’s true; the only ones who never succeed are those who never try.  I am ready to explore  and to journey toward my goal of finishing a manuscript of which I can be proud.  I’m not fully sure of the way, but I am armed with determination and the will to learn from my mistakes.  I hope you’ll join me as I discover my story and the right way to tell it. It’s time I stop worrying about the rules and let everything be upset down for now.  My goal is to eventually get myself  “write-side up!”